My fro, her fro, his fro, their fro, is simply amazing. All naturals should stand up and support one another, there’s no room for jealously in the natural hair world. I remember asking another natural what product did they use on their hair to make it become so thick and the individual told me they couldn’t recall. Stop lieing, you know exactly what you used on your hair but you are holding on to it like its a top secret. The problem with woman of color is “some” don’t like to tell what they use on their hair, where they buy their outfits, and the lists goes on. As a black woman that cycle must be broken because we can’t help each other by keeping everything top secret. I don’t have a problem with sharing the products I use; feel free to go to my YouTube page and check out what my favorite products are. I don’t know why people panties are in a wad if they just wanted you to have it, they would have just made one product instead of millions.


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