I can’t even go on social media websites without seeing a post about Melanin. You got women saying “my melanin is on fleek”  while others are saying “my melanin is poppin.” Do they actually know what melanin means or are they just caught up in the new word??? Let me just tell you that melanin is defined as a pigment  that gives color to your skin and as a woman of color we have more pigment than other races. I don’t know who made this word popular among black women but when I tell you everyone is using it I mean everyone. 

You can find this word on tshirts, caps, hoodies, and more. 

I can’t say they patented this term because they didn’t make up the word, LOL. I shouldn’t laugh but it amazes me when words become popular and then they die out when something new comes up. I remember when YOLO was popular “You only live Once.” Maybe melanin will eventually become unpopular but right now it’s hot!! My daughter sent me the picture below that triggered this blog, teenagers I tell you they always stay up on the new everything. 


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