Okay let me make this post short and to the point. So on yesterday I was viewing Instagram photos and I came across this fro that looked amazing. I clicked on the comments and as I was reading I couldn’t believe my eyes, the instagrammer commented if you want this look click on the link below to buy this wig.  She went on to say I actually have straight permed hair but sometimes I like the NAPPY look and hash tagged #fakingit.  This Instagrammer really need to change her username claiming to be a natural when she is being deceitful. Don’t get me wrong you can wear what you want, but be respectful to other naturals. Don’t fake a style to fit in, to get likes or followers. I know people who wear weave everyday because they hate maintaining  their real hair but this person was misleading in her pics and her profile. Having natural hair is beautiful and I wouldn’t trade my kinks or naps for anything. I ended up unfollowing her, I can’t believe on some of her previous post I put “hair goals” in the comment section. She went from telling a LIE to living a LYE


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