It’s official I am no longer working with preschoolers; after 3 years I have officially transitioned to a new job as a high school para. When I worked as a preschool teacher those little sweet babies would run up to me, give me hugs, and tell me how they loved my big hair.  Now I’m working with high schoolers that run into you, stare at your hair, and look at your tresses as if they are  grossed out. It’s a huge TRANSITION!! I honestly can tell you I wasn’t prepared for the reaction I got concerning my hair. I have been keeping my fro incognito for now, not trying to have my hair be a distraction. I am the only Natural at my job so even the staff I work with are not use to seeing a Afro. I’ve been wearing twist mainly but by the end of this month the fro will be released back to Froation. Sometimes I feel like I am back in high school fearing what others will think of me but I am easily reminded that I am me; take me as I am or leave me where you found me. 


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