I can’t believe I have been natural for three plus years and this was my very first natural hair event!! This event was not comparable to the Essence Fest where you have “Mega Naturals” show up , sign autographs, and do hair tutorials but it was very nice and informative. As I walked around and viewed different booths I was able to see their items  and hear them pitch how they have the better product. 

 The pro side of this event was that I was able to meet other Naturals and listen to their stories. I was able to have that one on one talk with them and ask questions. The con side of this is was that nothing’s free. You may get the goodie bag, but when you consider the vendor rationale, to the contents in the bag, to what’s on the table and spending those bucks you will think again.  I’m looking  into another hair event this coming September, but thankfully I know to leave the cash at home. In closing I had a great time and I can’t wait until the next hair event that I attend! 


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