Last year my son always wanted to wear a hoodie to school. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me why  this Florida boy insisted on having his head covered in 90 degree weather.  One day I asked him was anyone bullying him because of his hair cut and he looked into my eyes and said “no mommy I just don’t want to get a haircut anymore.” I asked why and he replied “I want to have a fro like you so I will wear the hoodie until it grows out.”  I remember the principal telling me it was against policy for him to keep wearing the hoodie and she had approached my son about it and when she did he began to cry. She reassured him that it was okay but next year he would have to be a big boy and not wear the hoodie. Over the summer my son would ask “is my hair growing, is my hair growing?” I assured him that he would get his curls back and mommy wouldn’t cut them anymore. We never know why kids do the things they do or act the way they act but I’m glad to have a great relationship with my little fellow because he feels comfortable telling me things and as parent that’s what we want. I’m glad my son wanted to get a fro even though I was pushing for the fade. I’m glad that he communicated to me what was bothering him instead of me just insisting that he take off that hood. Communication is a great asset to have with your children. He is going on a year with his fro and I almost think his hair has surpassed mine but I’m okay with that as long as he’s happy with being a curly natural. 


4 thoughts on “A Mothers Love

  1. His hair is gorgeous and you’ve got a handsome little fella. I’m glad that he has chosen to embrace his curly natural. If I have a son, I already decided that I wouldn’t cut his hair. I don’t think his dad would let me anyway.

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