Why would anyone want to do a blog on Snapchat? How is this even considered a topic for natural hair? Isn’t this website catered toward teenagers? These are probably some of the questions that have crossed your mind when you first saw the title, so let me give you a brief 101 course in Marketing! Snapchat doesn’t only have the coolest filters but if you are trying to build a brand or your clientele Snapchat is the way to go. You can do quick hair tutorials, people  can follow you and get to know you, and you’re building your BRAND! Social media has made it so convenient for anyone wanting to expose their product or business to the world because there are so many social networks out there. The  key to success is networking with others that’s how your brand will grow. Oprah and Tyler Perry are not on social networks for the thrill of it, they are expanding their business by letting their followers or subscribers become family by viewing their private lives. By doing this people are practically willing to buy what they are selling and watch their shows and network. Just remember you are not just looking for followers but a tight nit group of people that you consider to be loyal; like family. I love my Snapchat, I don’t always do “Natural Hair” things but people get to see that I’m human and that I live my  everyday life just like others. Snapchat has become big business so if you don’t have a Snapchat I suggest you get one and get to marketing.


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