I not only rock the fro, but I rock the apparel. I love when I can represent team naturals by rocking a fierce tshirt . This my latest tshirt that I had done at a local print shop and I love it. The hot pink fro displayed on the black tshirt is poppin and I didn’t imagine it would look so hot! Haven’t worn it yet, but pictures are coming soon to my Instagram page when I do. I also rock apparel that express my culture such as my “Black Girls Rock” tshirt and shirts that express my love of shoes and handbags because I love to shop. 

The majority of my shirts, I order off Etsy from Akili Kabibe Apparel. They do wonderful work and you can wash them over and over and it looks the same. I have a section full of natural hair  tshirts in my closet.  These are just a couple of shirts I received from Etsy. You see natural hair is a lifestyle for me and I am a walking advertisement at times for TEAM NATURAL. 


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