When I first did the big chop I couldn’t wait for my hair to grow. I was very impatient because I had my mind set on wanting a Afro like Pam Grier!! Pam Grier to me rocked the Afro like none other. To me when you are rocking an Afro you own it and she did just that. Naturals back then who wore Afro’s dressed a certain way, talked a certain way, stood a certain way, they had soul. I know this new generation probably think they are the ones who started this natural hair explosion but to their dismay naturals have been around since the early 60’s. Afro’s evolved around the civil rights movement when most African Americans revolted from straightening their hair as a sign of racial pride. 

I wear my Afro proudly because I’m proud to be an African American, the things we can do with our hair is totally amazing. I love my kinks and my naps, I love my culture and all that it stands for. Just know I’m still striving for that Pam Grier iconic afrooooooo.


4 thoughts on “Iconic Afro

  1. Keep it up. I have been natural since 2006 and it was liberating. It was the beginning of self-discovery, awakening and confidence. I get compliments on it even when it isn’t looking it’s best. And Pam did have an awesome ‘fro.

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    1. Thanks!! You are so right about getting compliments when we think our hair looks horrible. I love the way her fro looked I can only imagine the time it took to make it look like that.


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