That moment when you browse on the internet and see natural hair memes. Some make you laugh and some make you angry. I don’t know why natural hair has become so popular for memes but it has. The other day I stumbled across this Eddie Murphy meme and I laughed uncontrollably because when my hair was in its twa stage I definitely rocked the side flower! Wow I thought to myself someone is undercover in the natural hair world because they are studying us and hitting the nail on the head. 

 Then I come across memes such as this Buckwheat one that just strike a nerve. Growing up I would always hear people talking about Buckwheat from “The Little Rascals” and how they thought his hair was nappy and that just did something to me. This little boy was somebody’s child and just because his hair texture was different and his skin color was a darker shade he shouldn’t have been ostracized. What defines a persons hair as nappy? Is it because it’s not straight or because you can’t get your hair like theirs? These are the type of memes that I get angry about.

As a natural we all know the struggle is real and we can laugh at ourselves when we see those memes that are telling the truth but don’t laugh or repost memes that are degrading to get a laugh because that to me is uncalled for. Do your research before you laugh and know your history. 


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