One morning I woke up and decided I wanted a YouTube channel. I didn’t have a camera, perfect lighting, or a great back drop.The only things I had to make this work was myself, my phone, and sheer determination. It’s only been a couple of months since I recorded my first video so I remember vividly how I began. As I sat nervous with my phone propped straight up on several books and a mirror I began to record my first video entitled “Organic Coconut Oil Review” I was going to tell the world how I loved this product and convince Naturals why they should try this. When I finished my 2:00 minute video I replayed what I had just recorded. Why was my video so small?  Why didn’t it expand? Why didn’t it fill up the whole screen? I was puzzled but I didn’t let that slow me down I posted it anyway and to my surprise I received 124 views, 29 comments, and 10 likes. I was on top of the world until I looked at other Youtubers  and saw that they had 2k followers, 800 views, 30 comments and 500 likes. I felt bummed I only had 10 subscribers at the time but  I didn’t let that stop me because I was doing something I truly loved so I kept making videos. After making many small screen videos I finally researched how to make full screen videos and invested in a great editing application. I am thankful for all the encouraging remarks on my channel particularly Santilla V,  she has definitely been a God send that has inspired me so much, one of her comments on my Natural Hair Journey video was “Great video and I can sense how much you love having natural hair.” I  love having natural hair and talking about natural hair. I am grateful for my followers because they are supporting my passion. This is only the beginning for this natural girl watch for the name she is going places. 


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