Wow I can’t believe this is my very first blog where I get to tell you how I began my natural hair journey. I didn’t go natural because it was a fad but because I felt the need to be free. I wanted to strip down from societies image of straight hair and why they think it’s appropriate in the workplace and not my kinky natural hair. Have you ever noticed that in corporate America you don’t see a woman of color wearing an afro, twists, or braids? Why, what’s the problem with sporting the tresses you were born with. Don’t get me wrong I wore a perm for many years of my life but one day I felt the need to be free and my freedom started with shaving off my tresses.  I did the “Big Chop” in 2013. In the natural world the big chop is when you get all your hair cut off but in my case shaved off. I will never forget the look on my families face when I came home, they looked like they saw a ghost and that is impossible with my skin tone. I decided that day I would leave the creamy crack in my rear view mirror and I did. When the clippers finally came to a complete halt my black hair was covering the floor and I was transformed into a beautiful black queen.


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