Reality TV

Growing up I was always reminded of this one rule “What goes on in this house, stays in this house.” That rule definitely didn’t apply to some because if so reality television wouldn’t be so prevalent. I guess money talks because the stuff they show on television today is not filtered at all, people will expose everything that is meant to stay behind closed doors for the right price. Growing up as a teenager the most exciting thing for me to watch on television was soap operas but they were off limits for young teenage girls. I would hear my mom on the phone discussing Victor and Niki on the Young and Restless with her friend from the next street over, this to me was what a secret was supposed to be. When I got older I couldn’t wait to watch the soaps but as I was watching I thought to myself um… is this what my momma couldn’t wait to watch at 12:30 pm… Things were discreet back then but now no holds are barred and nothing is off limits. 



Family, what is family? We are not given the option of picking our mother, father, sister, or brother when we are born this is God’s doing, but you would think if he picks them for us the seed of love should be planted within their heart because God is Love. When we are born in this world we are born with love,  but as we become older the hatred and jealousy seeds are somehow planted. Some who are biblical will say the hatred began when Cain killed Abel, but aren’t we responsible enough to know that love is right and hatred is wrong?  Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  I don’t understand the resentment in families today, I don’t understand the jealousy in families today, I don’t understand the hatred in families today, I just don’t understand… I’m perplexed 😕. I guess it is easy to hate someone because love is more work. 



Lately I have been beating myself up,  thinking that my books are not good enough, feeling defeated without even putting up a fight. I have let people pull me out of my character by posting subliminal posts and messages on Facebook ranting about their willingness to be unsupportive. Today I was on Google and I came across a quote by Tyler Perry and then it hit me; I shouldn’t be worried about whose not supporting me as long as I’m doing what I love, as long as I continue to perfect my craft and keep the faith God will do the rest. I have made up in my mind that I will hold on and not give up, because the best is yet to come!!



As mothers we made the ultimate sacrifice when we decided to give birth and care for our baby.  Some would have aborted the fetus because they weren’t ready to have that responsibility, but to carry a child in your womb is a blessing that most woman don’t get to experience. I don’t know your situation but to choose abortion is so unfair to those woman that try day in and day out to conceive and  don’t succeed. The bond between a mother and her child is amazing and as they began to grow you will ask “ time” to stand still.  You will make sacrifices throughout your child’s life by giving them your last of everything from dollars, meals, and clothing when you need these essentials as well, but you put your child first. I truly ask God to bless those who sacrifice everyday to make sure their child doesn’t go without and those who are wanting a baby that you are blessed with the desires of your heart. 

We Kinfolk

Why do we claim people as “kinfolks” when there is no blood relation? I can’t speak for your race, but as woman of color I have done this numerous of times. “Hey cuz,”  is a famous line that just spills out of my  mouth when I see a person that I’ve  known since kindergarten. From my experience people that are not related by blood treat you better, than those who actually are. Kinfolks consist of an endless list; mom, dad, grandma, grandpa sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin and the list continues to grow. 

Hashtag: Why would you want to add more?  

Hashtag: Don’t even factor in, the in-laws…

Hashtag: Stop claiming people

Hashtag: Too many to count 

Hashtag: Kinfolk 



I use to pray every night asking God to bless me with my dream job, I use to pray every night asking God to bless me with a husband , I use to pray every night asking God to watch over my girls,  I use to pray every night asking God to bless me with a son; every night I prayed this “asking” prayer. Fast forward to 2017 and I find myself not praying like I use to , what happened to my prayerful spirit? I will tell you what happened I got the blessings and forgot the blessor. Everything I asked God for he gave it to me, but everything I said I would do in return for those blessings I didn’t do. I failed on my end, but God still did everything I asked him for and more. I was selfish and undeserving but God’s grace and mercy was sufficient. Lessons were learned and I’m now back praying and thanking God that  his love towards me never wavered and that he gave me another chance to get it right.