What is it about life that we value so much? Is it the materialistic things or the fact that we are  afraid to die? I don’t know of anyone that woke up this morning and said “death is better, than living.” I don’t know how you feel , but  I love my life and the people that are in it, and it scares me to death (figuratively) that I may be without them one day. 

We are all born into this world not knowing a thing, living the first few moments of our lives intuitively. We are clueless from birth but we are all born with intuition, something that gives us understanding immediately.

We have one chance at this thing called life, once we die it’s over regardless of what reincarnationist believe, we will not be reborn into another body when your heart stops pumping its over. 

My advice to you all is to LIVE everyday like it’s your last, stop putting off today for tomorrow because we live in the now, not the later. .  Don’t hold on to regrets, bitterness, and pain, feeling that way accomplishes nothing.  

Stop expecting people to care about you when you die, stop expecting people to care about you when you’re alive. It’s you, that determines if you live a fulfilling life. You should be (L) living (I) inspite of (F) failure (E) expecting greatness. Stop settling and be thankful for another shot at this thing called life.


Have you ever thought about the emojis that you use and why you pick specific ones when texting or messaging. This was a brilliant idea that has taken this tech savvy 🌎 by storm. Emojis caption our words without us having to type a single word. Sometimes I wonder are emojis a good thing or a bad thing. I say this because they now capture racial diversity. You now have the option to select a black or white emoji 👶🏾👶. I notice that my friends that are black will send me a black emoji and my friends that are white  will send me a white emoji ( I think about the craziest things).  Why do we feel the need to identify who we are using these type of illustrations? Food for 💭… 

Small Town Gossip

Living in a small town you can expect everyone to know your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, auntie, uncle, cousins; you get the picture, LOL. They not only know your family but your business as well. They will gossip about you and tell you to your face what they said. If you weren’t raised in that particular small town you stick out like a sore thumb and you get the evil eye when you try to smile and ease the stares. Small towns don’t want outsiders coming in they are only content with being around the people that they know and grew up with. Who cares if they have only one stoplight and no grocery store they rather travel two hours to get a decent meal and buy two weeks worth of groceries. I live in a small town and I wouldn’t change my upbringing for anything in this world , it made me more humble and appreciative especially when I moved to the city and no one spoke or held the door open; if you were coming they let it slam in your face 😱. It only made sense that my first book would be titled “Small Town Gossip.” Not to toot my own horn, but I’m proud of myself because I did something that some said I couldn’t. If you have a dream don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop doing, keep pushing forward, one no will someday equal a hundred yesssssss! If you want to know what it’s like to live in a small town, please check out my first paperback on Amazon, LINK BELOW. 

Small Town Gossip

Letting Go(D)

The biggest problem that some of us have is holding on to people and things that are no longer good for us because we are afraid of letting go. Some  of our biggest blessing blockers are people and things. My favorite scripture in the bible; Isiah 6:1 “In the year King Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.” I use this scripture metaphorically in two ways.

In the natural sense your stumbling blocks are people and things that don’t have good intentions over your life, they don’t want you to do better or succeed they prefer that you stay in a rut, “misery loves company.” In the spiritual sense your stumbling block is you, you have become your own worse enemy. You think everything you have, you got it in on your own. You don’t pray anymore, go to church, or read your bible,  in your mind you don’t need God you’re invincible. These two stumbling blocks will hinder you from your blessings and the beauty of life. Without God we are nothing, without God we have nothing, my prayer for you today is that you  let go of anything that is  hindering you and start holding on to things that will bless you. Let go and Let GOD!

Baby Daddy 

“That’s just my baby daddy” she said. Women we have to do better when it comes to addressing the father/fathers of our children. I understand he left (walked out) and I understand he may do something today and tomorrow he does nothing, but he is still that child’s father. As a woman I have raised two girls on my own but I never spoke a bad word about their dad’s or addressed them as a “BABY DADDY”.  What you may or may not realize the hate you harbor towards their father grows up in that child as well. He wasn’t a baby daddy when you were in love so he shouldn’t be a baby daddy when you fell out of love. 

When that child grows up they will see who was there for them, but in the mean time as a mother you be there for your child regardless and be supportive. Don’t you dare take out your frustrations on that child because that man doesn’t want to be with you, but be in his child’s life IT’S NOT FAIR TO THE CHILD. Stop with this “I’m the momma and the daddy foolishness” if God intended you to have two roles then he wouldn’t have created Adam and Eve.

Bottom line don’t hold on to hate let it go for the child’s sake and your peace of mind, if he comes around be cordial and if he doesn’t that’s fine too because God will take care of you and your child, I’m a witness.

Food Blog

I walk into a quiet atmosphere greeted by a cheerful hostess,  she escorts me to a cozy booth and I have a seat. It’s around 11:30 am and lunch has just begun, I browse through the menu just to appease onlookers but I came through the door knowing what I wanted. I’m at my favorite place, different location, but my favorite place!! 

Another sit down at Red Lobster; what did I do so good to enjoy such a delectable meal? Vanessa is my waitress and she is the sweetest; I order the peppercorn steak well done with grilled shrimp accompanied by a corn on the cob and a baked potato topped with sour cream, butter, and shredded cheese.  By the way let me get a side of shrimp pasta; I am a celebrating my first paperback release on Amazon, let’s toast with my sprite soda. 

Small Town Gossip

Oh no!! They are out of corn on the cob 😲, no worries double the potato please. How can you run out of corn, did you not inventory your food supply ?

The salad comes first, it’s been pre-made and stuck in the fridge just in case they have a rush crowd, it has no crunch and the croutons taste stale, BUMMER. 

I sit there in a daze waiting on the main course and it comes out steaming hot. I don’t know where to start so I began with the potato it’s delicious, I sample the pasta it’s delicious, let me try a shrimp, it’s delicious, I cut into my steak it’s MEDIUM RARE……..


I’m sorry says Vanessa I will have them make you another one.

Can I have a to go box, thanks you were an excellent waitress and you handled things perfectly. 

Walks out of restaurant with to go bags in hand, thinking they fixed their mistake they get an A+ in my books.

I Still Love You 

Have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back? It hurt so bad and the feelings you felt wouldn’t go away no matter how many tears you cried. 

Have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back? You didn’t think you could go on; you felt useless, your love was not wanted. 

Have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back? You hated the one who hurt you, you made a vow to hurt someone so they could feel your pain.

Have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back? You wanted the feeling of loneliness to leave, you tried to snap out of it but it lingered. 

Have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back? You looked in the mirror time and time again giving yourself a pep talk “there’s more fish in the sea.” You said it but you didn’t believe it. 

Have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back? You felt guilty that the love you gave was not returned.

 We have all loved someone that didn’t love us back, we have all cried tears of sadness for someone who wasn’t worth our tears, we have all given up on love. 

We gave up on love but love never gave up on us. Love will find you no matter your address it will knock on your heart one day and never leave. Love will return into your heart, and say “I still love you.”