Vlogging Tips

Vlogging is so much fun! This is something that I do to relax my mind. I started off with one video and now I have two, LOL. Slowly embracing my content and not trying to be like the next. To me creating your own “you” is important. First things first, to beginning vloggers like myself don’t try to be like any other vlogggers or steal their content. Secondly, share your videos with family and friends hopefully they will like, subscribe, and share your channel. It’s important that you keep it real and not put on. People can spot a fake, editing will not save you. Thirdly, think of vlogging as an outlet to connect with the real world. Vlog about things that not only interest you but others. Following these tips will make you appreciate your time in front of the camera.




Is trust a thing of the past? Can you really tell someone something in confidence and expect them to keep it to themselves?
We live in a world where the words “trust” and “loyalty” have become extinct. You’re better off telling your secrets to your cat or dog because they won’t tell a soul.
Now that your secret is out everyone knows your business and you feel violated. People are now staring at you trying to search your soul.
You decide to confront your friend, it’s time to expose the source but the source maintains the lie.
Instead of trying to repair the friendship you let it go because if they tell one lie, a second lie is sure to follow.
You can’t “trust” your friend anymore and they have proven their not ” loyal.” The two words that once stood for something, now stand for nothing.


Whether you want to think of this or not it’s a reality, your smiling face will one day appear in an obituary with a paragraph beside it that describes your life summed up in 10 sentences or less.

Newspapers across the world have given a section to the bereaved families as a common courtesy. This outlet lets them express how much they miss their loved ones and how their death has affected them, but some use this platform to be spiteful.

I can recall reading an obit where a woman’s children lashed out at her for running out on them when they were young. They didn’t hold back, telling the world how awful their mother had been.

They may have felt a relief by letting everyone near and far know how terrible their mother was but she didn’t pick up the paper that day to read what was said because she was dead. Even in death this lady couldn’t get a break.

Then I began to 💭

I didn’t know this woman and I couldn’t say whether the obit was true or false but I do know the life we live will speak for us one day and we will not be in charge of what our actions have had on others. While you are here on this earth you should treat people the way you would want to be treated. Life is short and a good name whether dead or alive is a good thing.


It is easy for you to trust God when things are going good, but you find it impossible to trust God when things are going bad. You’re mad with the Lord and you don’t understand why you’re facing adversity when you have been reading your bible, going to church, and obeying his commands.

You don’t understand why the trial is there and you can’t be comforted. You have lost the praise down within and your soul is now troubled. The advice you once gave to others about holding on is not applicable to you because you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Where is your breastplate of righteousness and your shield of faith?

Giving up on God should never be an option. He deserves our worship and praise for he sent his son to die for us on the cross.

Are we better than Jesus, that we shouldn’t suffer?

Your trials are necessary, just as they were for others who dedicated their life to the Lord. You will not understand every trial, but understand you don’t face them alone.

When I face trials I think of Job, he said “tho he slay me, yet I will still trust him.”

Are you willing to trust him in the midst of your storm?

Best Taco

I was headed home today from a funeral and decided to stop at a Taco Bell. My first thought was, what do I want? As I preceded to the drive thru menu my mind was overloaded by chalupas, cinnamon twist, hard tacos, soft tacos, pizza, and burritos. I finally decided on a hard taco, just one. As I drove away I grabbed my taco out of the bag expecting a semi soft shell because the hard tacos are never crunchy. Today was not a soft day it was actually a crunchy day and I fell in love with Taco Bell all over again. Warning, the link below will make you hungry and Taco Bell rich. If you’re a foodie like me please subscribe to my channel


Click on the link below.


Gifted Mess

Going to sleep in mess and waking up in mess is a never ending ordeal when you’re carrying someone else’s untidy load. They can’t keep their priorities straight so they involve you in their affairs; you now have problems that were gifted to you. You are mad with the world and everyone that comes in contact with you gets a portion of the anger you’re feeling toward the person who gifted you their mess. You’re emotionally locked up, your voice has been silenced and you’re afraid to tell that person you can’t help them anymore. Walking freely but mentally imprisoned, has taken a toll on your health. You have learned that every free gift is not meant to be unwrapped but you’re afraid to regift their mess and give it back. It’s time, time for what you may ask!! It is time that you head to the store get a box, some tape, and return that “mess” back to sender.


She counts to three and places the needle in her thigh. She never imagined that she would be dependent on a drug, but here she was injecting insulin into her body everyday. Being a diabetic wasn’t easy nor was it fair. She hated needles short or long, and checking her sugar levels throughout the day drove her crazy. If she had one wish she would ask for perfect health, no more injections, pricks or bruises.

Why wait for perfect health the decision had been made, not by the doctors, but by her, she would fill the syringe no more. The next few days were amazing; no insulin, no sugar checks. She had taken herself off insulin and there was nothing the doctors could do. It had been a week and it was 5 o’clock somewhere. As she headed to the time clock she begin to feel weird, she was getting annoyed with everything, she was sweating, and feeling disoriented. Freaking out she reached in her bag to find her glucose meter and check her sugar and for the first time it was low, really low.

Panicking she stumbled back to her office; remembering she had some peanut butter in her file cabinet. She searched for a spoon but felt her body getting weak and then as a last resort she stuffed her fingers in the jar and shoved them in her mouth. Her pallet tingled, her body twinged. She felt scared, she would die alone.

As she felt herself slipping into a deep sleep an IV was put into her arm and medicine was being administered by an EMT. She was on her way to the hospital, she had been saved. Her boss had called the ambulance when she saw her lying on the floor. She has happy, and her mind was made up, she would never go without the drug that was keeping her alive.

Hidden Secrets

Today she said NO, no to hidden secrets. His presence irritated her, his touch sickened her. She was not afraid anymore it was time she let the world know the hidden secret that ripped her family apart. The accusation that shook up the church and caused her shunning. The young girl who found the courage to speak out was now an outcast. Frowned upon and called names pushed her over the edge, she had decided to end her life.

The bright lights were blinding, she was not in heaven but a hospital room. Doctors had saved her, and the unborn baby. The news of pregnancy was startling, and the word abortion echoed in the room, “NO,” she screamed. As family members began to cry she begin to pray, a prayer for strength.

One year

The doctor said one year and closed the door; Mary had an inoperable brain tumor. She sat in her room alone and sobbed. Life was cruel and she cursed the day she was born. The next six months wasn’t easy and she didn’t expect it would be. Mary made the decision to pick out her dress and coffin, it would be too much on her parents burying their only child. Mary’s parents became mad at God and stopped going to church. She assured her parents it was God’s will. A year later and Mary died in the same room she was handed her death sentence. Just like that she was gone, she was buried in the beautiful green dress, she had picked out. At the funeral a letter was read written by Mary.

Mom and Dad,

Don’t cry for me but rejoice because I’m no longer in pain. Life is short, you’re not promised tomorrow so live life to the fullest. Don’t be mad at God, he lent me to you for 30 years. I pray we see each other one day on the other side.



Second Chance

I first met Black at the age of thirteen when my mom abandoned me in a drug house. Black was my saving grace, my best friend, and my way out. I was tired of living but afraid to die. I cried out for help but no one heard my cries, it was Black who helped me escape the pain; for he seemed comforted by my trials. Black only dwelled in darkness, never light. He became strong when I was weak. I remember him saying ” your troubles will last always,” to his surprise my troubles didn’t last and neither did our relationship, he slowly stopped coming around. I was heartbroken but relieved for I knew we had outgrown each other. I was blossoming, no longer depressed, God had given me a second chance at life.