God’s Favor

My favorite story in the Bible that portrays God’s favor is of Joseph, the son of Jacob and Rachel. Joseph encountered hatred as a young boy from his brothers, but never returned the hate unto them. Some wondered was he being punished for his father’s sin and how could so much hate exist. Joseph was almost killed by his brothers but sold instead. I have concluded that the obstacles that came upon Joseph as a young boy had nothing to do with his brothers hatred but God’s will.

He was lied on by Pharaohs wife then forgotten by the butler, but this again was God’s will. Without the obstacles he wouldn’t have stayed on the course God had for his life and that was to save his family from famine.

Can you imagine the look on their face when Joseph revealed to his brothers who he was? Can you imagine their thoughts? The enemy wanted to destroy Joseph but God’s will was to to save him. .

Satan may have thought he won when Joseph was sold, Satan may have thought he won when Joseph was locked up, but this was apart of God’s will.

This is a story of God’s favor and that if you put him first no matter what the enemy throws at you, at the end you will be rewarded for your faithfulness.


God’s Message

As I left Fort Lauderdale on yesterday I was stopped at the light when a homeless man holding a sign walked towards my car. I told my husband I want to help him, but we need this money more. As he got closer I felt the urgency to give him the money because he needed it more. My husband rolled down the window handed him the money and the man said “God bless.” Before my husband could roll the window back up the man stooped down and said to me “it’s okay to smile, it will get better.” I thought for a moment I had done a good deed, but his deed was greater than mine. I had things that he probably didn’t, but the joy within, the smile he had couldn’t be bought. As I drove off I realized that the we do entertain angels unaware. I’ve been praying, thinking God has forgotten about me. God uses who he wants to get his message to you. God has not forgotten, things will get better, better days are coming!!

They don’t Care!

People don’t care! They pretend they do just to find out your business. So what if your life is in shambles , so what if you feel like ending it all, it’s not their life, so they don’t care. You vent about it on social media thinking 1 out of your 1,000 friends would pick up the phone to see what is wrong, but instead of caring they talk about you as well. Then you began to pray seeking the people who you thought would never let you down and that is your church family only to get neglected by them as well.

They are praying for you when you are doing good, but forgot to pray for you when things in your life are going bad. Now you are mad with them all: saints, sinners, friends and family because everyone that you thought would be there has turned their back on you. It’s a cruel world and you’re finally finding out that they were pretending to care.

At that moment you realize that you failed to consult that one person that would never talk about you, that one person who was never to busy, that one person who would never turn their back on you, that one person who would comfort you. The man who you call Jesus is the one……

This world can be so cruel, sometimes depressing, but you continue because other people are counting on. It’s not fair to carry the weight of others, but Jesus did carry the cross for us all. The symbolism to how we should act is not realistic to how we act based on the treatment of others.

Why God, why?

I prayed and no answer. I prayed again, and still no answer!! Am I just praying to be praying? Sometimes it feels that way. People around you get blessed and their intentions are not to serve God, yet alone acknowledge that he exist so why are their prayers answered. Oh I know because God rains on the just as well as the unjust. Then I say doesn’t the scripture also say the prayers of the righteous availeth much, but I don’t see that happening. I’m angry, and the deep resentment I feel is heartbreaking. I’m not serving God for the things he can provide, but I sought him first and I didn’t get the desires of my heart. Blah, blah, blah you may say…..but you are the one enjoying the blessings that God showered down on you; without you even reading one scripture, praying one prayer, going to one bible study, or attending one church service. Then I thought that God may have held back because he may think I won’t serve him and become engulfed in material things. For me it’s not about materials, but wisdom and knowledge. I know their is a Jabez prayer, maybe someone should come up with a Solomon prayer because that is what I need…. No one can truly feel my pain, no one can truly understand what I’m going through, only God. Blogging is therapy to me it releases things that I hold inside, holding things in will kill you literally!! They say you’re not suppose to question God, but how will I get my answer? God did ask Ezekiel can t these dry bones lives, God did ask Paul, why do you kick against the prick, God did ask Adam and Even, how did they know they were naked. There are questions all throughput the Bible shouldn’t I be entitled to one???

Don’t Worry, Pray!

I cried about it, worried about it, talked about it, but never prayed about it. I would say the “Our father prayer,” but this was only to appease the Christian within. One day I was really down to the point I just didn’t want to go on and then I stumbled across the movie “War Room” while flipping the channel. I was about to turn when I saw the elderly woman pouring a cup of coffee in a cup; asking the visitor after she took a sip was her spiritual life lukewarm. A light went off and then I immediately checked to see when this would come on again so I could DVR this movie. I guess it was meant for me to watch because it would be showing again that night.

The next day while strolling through my list I came upon it and clicked play immediately. I sat there glued to the television screaming at every commercial that came on. I had forgotten  that I could fast forward the movie. After watching I cried my eyes out and then I watched it again. This movie had me excited to renew my relationship with God. I couldn’t wait to rush out and get a notebook. I jumped in my car heading to store to get one and actually brought home 7!

I didn’t need 7 notebooks but I was so mesmerized with the movie and rebuilding my Christian life. I wrote in this journal for three months and then I felt the urgency to make a prayer wall like the young woman in the movie. I began to write long letters to the Lord, short notes, and my favorite scriptures. I let everything that bothered me out on paper. God started to move in my life, blessings started to pour from above. I decided that I needed to pray for others because I knew I wasn’t the only one that was in need of a recharge.

When I looked back on my life before I watched the movie I was a dead Christian, going to service every Sunday in a body that was  spiritually dead. Sometimes it takes a little push to get you going and mine was the movie that had probably been out for years but for me in 2017 things changed in a way that I will never forget.


I look forward to grey hairs , with each strand I am mesmerized looking forward to the wisdom that God is going to bless me with. Some may think I’ve gone mad who would wish for grey hairs. I wasn’t always this way, dye was once my friend we fought against age, the nerve of age to sneak up on me and not warn me before it reared it’s ugly head. Then my friends and loved ones started to die at an early age and then it hit me I shouldn’t be ashamed to age because aging is a blessing. As a society we have become accustomed to looking young; no wrinkles, or glasses. It’s mind boggling that society embraces the young and turns their back on the old. To live is a blessing not a curse. Your best life is lived by accepting everything that comes along with it.


Have you ever got of bed and your body did your morning routine for you?

Have you ever jumped in your car and drove to a place you had no intention of going?

Have you ever walked around in a daze not knowing the day of the week?

You’re living and stressing, believing and doubting all in the same breath.

This is not uncommon because we as humans find it hard to say no, let go, or move on.

Hello stroke

Hello heart attack

Hello depression

They walk beside us daily, disguised as family, friends, or associates.

We become so accustomed to doing so much that we practically pay for our funeral in full before we even die.

Live life freely

You only live once

Let go and Let God

What God has for You

When we think God has forgotten about us we become so discouraged. We have prayed about the things we want and when God doesn’t give us those things we began to pout. If we truly had faith in God we wouldn’t be so quick to get discouraged when the things that we desire don’t come to pass. I can recall a couple of weeks ago while attending church my Pastor, Apostle Bell told the congregation to stop complaining and be thankful for the things you have God has blessed us with. The first thought that came to my mind were the children of Israel and their complaints, and then the Lord pricked my heart. God had done so many things for me, and I had still found room to complain. I was no better than the Israelites, I was just like them. I reflected on my ungratefulness and began to say “THANK YOU JESUS”…… I had to realize just because God didn’t answer my prayers today, tomorrow, or next week he forgot, what God has for you is for you!

New Creature

She walked up to me and smiled. I didn’t recognize her face, but her mannerisms reminded me of the older lady who was once my teacher. Mrs. Alice was a sweet old lady who taught my Sunday School class. My first instinct was to touch her, but I came to the realization that this was a dream, and those images that I envisioned were merely a mirage. I couldn’t help but think that once I woke up I would never see her again so I tried to squeeze my eyes tight so I could stay there. She had changed, her wrinkles were now smooth, and she no longer had prosthetic legs. She walked as though she was floating because her feet never touched the ground. I sat there amazed at her transformation and how God had changed her into a new creature. As I tossed and turned my eyes began to open slowly as she begged me to stay. Hoping to see her again, I bid her farewell not knowing if the dream would continue on tomorrow. When I awoke I thought of her favorite scripture 1 Corinthians 5:17 and smiled.

Corinthians 5:17 King James Version (KJV)

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.


Have you ever waited on approval and felt the longer the wait the possibility of denial was evident. As Christians we wait, some patiently others impatiently. We have prayed on somethings and it doesn’t seem that those things we have asked for have been approved from the man above so we begin to sulk and forget the God we serve is able to do all things. Job approval, spouse approval, and house approval seem to be high on the list of things that we ask for and are dumbfounded when those requests to God are denied. I was one of those who sulked and still find myself today becoming frustrated when the things I prayed for are denied, but the more I grow in Christ I realize his denials are not rejections but redirections. I am realizing that God wants the best for us and why should we want any different. The next time your approval is denied thank God, the things he has lined up for you is so much better.